12// 06 Aug 2020

Last night I was a mum adopting 3 kids, the middle boy couldn’t speak English clearly. They were very hesitant and stand-offish. The middle boy kept getting depressed because he couldn’t communicate well with anyone and after a while stopped trying and kept saying he was an idiot because he couldn’t speak well. I kept trying to get him to come back around but he wouldn’t because he thought there was no point. My husband in the dream was disabled and struggled to communicate too, but came home one day with a box of top grade meats and foods. I asked him where did you get these from and he said the president sent them to him. I looked at the box of meat and there was the seal of the president stamped on it. I’m like “you stole this yeah?”. As it turned out, he was a veteran engineer who had been deployed and had gotten hurt when a bomb had gone off. Now he was in a wheel chair and couldn’t speak well; but his mind was fine so he was still doing work with the army and had earned a Medal of Honor. I showed all this to the boy and said even though he can’t communicate well and he’s in a wheelchair, he’s still very smart and the president (not Trump lol, a real one) even respects him and shows him gratitude.

11a// 02 Aug 2020

I was in my 20s living in Boronia and I got recruited to do a kitchen job (also in Boronia) for a middle eastern family for some sort or ceremonial meal they were having (I think the son was getting married), so I’m only allowed in certain parts of the restaurant kitchen, other rooms are forbidden because only the men work in there. At some point the father and son leave to go get supplies and I walk into one of the forbidden rooms and find a girl tied up ready to be killed. I’m like wtf and ask her who are you, what’s going on etc. she tells me the father and son kidnapped her because she’s the younger sister of the woman that son is going to marry so they’re going to kill her and make a powder from a part of her body to put in the meal (we were making wraps btw). I’m like that ain’t happening so I let her go and father’s wife catches me, so we fight and I kill her. Father and son come back and find me putting the meal together and they realize the girl is gone so they lose it. I’m like dude your wraps are fine trust me, and they’re like you’ve gone passed the step where we add her powder and I’m like yeah but it’s cool there’s someone else in your wraps, they’re like wtf and I’m like your wife/mum is in the food, I killed her yo, and then they lose it even more because she’s not the kill they need, they needed the girl because she is blood to the woman son is going to marry. They fire me and threaten to kill me. Then I got my job back in tasty production where I was working with someone who used to work there but got fired for stealing (won’t name names) and I’m like why is he back here and Stacey is like I needed experienced workers, so I’m pissed, then an email comes through from Sydney about a product but it went to all staff instead of just Stacey, I printed it off and put in an envelope to give to Stace and wrote confidential on the front, then (he who shall not be named) reads the letter and I lose my shit and tell him you’re on camera reading Stacey’s mail, you’re gone mthrfckr, and he storms out. Then all the boys try to gang up on me in the hallway for trying to get voldemort into trouble but I ain’t having none of this shit.

8// 20 July 2020

Another dream within a dream last night (why do I keep doing this?) The inside dream was me and Paul at a Reel Big Fish concert in the city, for some reason Adam stayed home (significant because there’s no way he’d miss a RBF concert), Jenn Kelberg was there too and she bought us shots which were very sweet. I got a bit of a thirst after that so went to the bar for more shots but they didn’t have anything decent so I went back to Paul and complained about Hoops not being open because of COVID. Later we find Daniel when it’s daytime and I tell them “I can get you home, I can fly and carry you” so I try but there’s power lines everywhere and I can’t get high enough. Then I assume I can go through the power lines because why would I have this ability if I can’t get high enough so I tell them we’re going through but I keep burning my hands so I give up and we decide to go by water. We get told we have to go under water and be careful of the underwater tornado, which you can only touch from the surface but it’s dangerous from the water. We find the tornado (which is always there it’s like a tourist attraction) and I lose Daniel and Paul when it passes over us. When I’m in the eye I can breathe and when it moves passed me I reach out to touch it and my hand passes through it like it’s made of nothing. Then I woke up (now in my level 1 dream). I look at my hands because they’re hurting and the back of my left hand is covered in a tattoo of a map of Melbourne CBD and there’s moving dots showing where I was the night before and Tasha Poesch too. There was a third girl but I don’t remember who that was. (Tash is a stronger personality lol). I can change the colour of the dots too by tapping on them, and I can make my dot a different colour to each of theirs, showing the path we each took in my dream. I look at my right hand and it’s covered in burns, from touching the power lines when I tried to fly and they manifested in “real life”. When I post about it on Facebook, Rochelle comments she had a dream about a concert too and calls it “our dream” thinking we dreamt about the same place. Later when I see her in person I’m trying to explain what happened but she gets dragged away. Adam tells me it’s just a dream, it’s no big deal and I’m like “look at my hands!” but he can’t see the scars or the images as they appear to me.

7// 16 July 2020

Tonight was dream within a dream again, I dreamt I was watching videos with someone I used to be friends with, we were watching videos of people’s reactions when they get rick rolled. I go “we’re watching videos of people watching videos”. Clever I know. When I wake up I try to post about it on Facebook but Adam cracks it at me because he’s loading the car when we’re away on holiday and I realize he’s stealing all the pot plants from the holiday house. I’m like wtf are you doing and he said “Greg (house owner and friend) said he’s sick of washing them all the time so I thought we could use them in the garden”. Then I realize as we drive off that he’s left a bunch on the road so I tell him to stop so I can return them to the house and the first one I pick up is covered in spiders so I drop it and end up kicking it down the road to the local market. I tell the stall people they can sell the plants but the money from the plants has to go to the local library. Then I walk up to the pub (Adam is still in the car waiting lol) and there’s people there talking about how they hate disco and I’m like “disco rocks!” and then say to them “you probably like rock yeah?” And the dude goes “yeah rock and even just normal radio music” so I ask him what’s the best rock station in Tasmania (turns out we’re in Tasmania) (also as I type this now wondering how tf we’re getting those pot plants back to Melbourne?🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂) anyway he tells me the name of the station but can’t remember the frequency. I said I’ll figure it out and walked off.

5// 16 June 2020

Tonight’s not as exciting; I was living in a shed that my boyfriend was forcing me to live in while he was at work during the day, I wasn’t allowed in the house while he wasn’t there. The shed wasn’t safe, it was kinda a home built man cave and somehow the fridge caught on fire and burnt it down. I left the boyfriend after this, I went and hid at my mums house and she got me a job at the bookshop she worked at. So I’m working there restocking books on tables and carts and I come across 2 books that are the next ones in a couple of series’s that I’m reading so I put them aside to buy them at the end of my shift. The boss finds them and cracks it saying paying customers are more important than paying staff because we need the customers to keep coming back, so she swaps out the books I put aside for candles. I find the candles and crack it and go looking for the books I wanted. They’re all sold out. So then boss lady tells me to go stack another cart and as I’m doing it she blames me for the glitter in one of the displays clumping and ruining the display. I told her it’s because the cart is rocking, turn it off then the glitter won’t clump. All of a sudden she because very nice because I fixed her glitter.