12// 06 Aug 2020

Last night I was a mum adopting 3 kids, the middle boy couldn’t speak English clearly. They were very hesitant and stand-offish. The middle boy kept getting depressed because he couldn’t communicate well with anyone and after a while stopped trying and kept saying he was an idiot because he couldn’t speak well. I kept trying to get him to come back around but he wouldn’t because he thought there was no point. My husband in the dream was disabled and struggled to communicate too, but came home one day with a box of top grade meats and foods. I asked him where did you get these from and he said the president sent them to him. I looked at the box of meat and there was the seal of the president stamped on it. I’m like “you stole this yeah?”. As it turned out, he was a veteran engineer who had been deployed and had gotten hurt when a bomb had gone off. Now he was in a wheel chair and couldn’t speak well; but his mind was fine so he was still doing work with the army and had earned a Medal of Honor. I showed all this to the boy and said even though he can’t communicate well and he’s in a wheelchair, he’s still very smart and the president (not Trump lol, a real one) even respects him and shows him gratitude.

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