11b// 02 Aug 2020


Kevin hart was the main guy, he was living a normal life and working a normal job; somehow he gets into a “I’ll grant you one wish” scenario and wishes to be a big music label head honcho married to rich and famous singer, and makes his wish quite detailed as he wishes for the memories of that life and intelligence and knowledge and skill to be able to do his job so he can fully integrate into that life. Then he wakes up the next day in his new life and goes about living his dream life. At one point there’s a party at his house, lots of music-y people there but someone from his new life high school also rocks up with a photo album showing pics of when him and his mates attacked and tortured her in school at a weekend camp. He’s like get that shit out of here, it was years ago, move on, so she leaves the photo album behind a curtain and sets the curtain on fire. Then she jumps off the balcony killing herself. Cops come and everyone is like who is this girl does anyone know her, and Kevin hart stays quiet thinking this ain’t the life I wanted and now I’m rich and famous so I can’t go to prison; cops are doing their thing and one of the music goons finds some unburnt photos from the girls photo album and hits up Kevin hart about them, he’s like this was years ago, we were just kids, we didn’t do anything wrong, we were just messing around, so goon says I’ll help you hide this and the cops notice them being shifty af so the ask what’s going on; Kevin hart takes off to a bedroom and gets back in contact with the entity that granted his wish, says this isn’t what I wanted, you gave me this, I want my old life back but genie thing is having none of it; sorry bro you used your wish, you don’t have another one; so Kevin hart panics trying to think how can I get out of here cos he can hear the commotion outside with the cops, wife bursts in yelling, wtf did you do, imma divorce your ass and take everything you’ve got mthrfckr, I never loved you anyway, I’ve been cheating on you this whole time; Kevin hart realised dream life is shit and he’s fucked himself and has a heart attack. Dead.

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