Where it all started…..

So I never realised until someone made a comment that I have weird dreams. I was always thinking my dreams were normal and everyone has dreams like this right? So I’m at physio getting treatment and my physio is a cool guy and we get along and talk shit and I’m telling him about a dream that I had once. After I told him the dream he was amazed and he’s like what the fuck, I want in! I’m like, yeah I guess my mind goes to weird places…..

Anyway here’s the dream. I had this dream years ago but because of his reaction I’ve never forgotten it.

I’m at a high school and I’m running through the buildings trying to get away from people who are chasing me. I run into a classroom and try to hide but I can hear them coming so I go to leave. The angel Gabriel appears (I’m not religious and I’ve never dreamed off angels before) and grabs me and says don’t move you’ll be fine. I’m freaking out because I can hear the footsteps getting louder and louder and angel mate is looking me directly in the eyes trying to hypnotise me but I’m having none of it, but he seems convinced that I’ll be ok and I figure he’s an angel so whoever catches me surely he can protect me. Anyway the footsteps are right outside the door and I look out the window of the door and see giants run past. Turns out angel mate shrunk me down into a doll house so tiny now and the people couldn’t see me.