13// 17 Oct 2020

There was a show called “Rewind”, I only remember the start of the first episode where there was a protest of some sort going outside a building and the protagonist of the show had “something going on” with the main organizer of the protest, the girl who seemed to be in charge, the protagonist guy was Asian. Then a blond white guy rocks up and tries sweet talking the girl protester, who is just not interested, into organizing some talent scout type people to be at his next basketball game so he can win another award (can’t remember what the award was). She tells him to piss off, Asian dude goes I don’t know what the big deal is with him he already has 3 of those awards; she says something about how it’s all to do with retirement money and he’s looking to finish his career after this season. This all happens during the day. Then it’s night time and Asian dude and a black guy are standing on the rooftop bar of the same building the protest was outside of and they’re attacked by guys in hoods with machetes. The fight is brutal, black guy is thrown off the building and killed (of course, I mean the black guy always dies right?) and Asian guy has his fingers of his right hand chopped off, and then he falls backwards off the building. Cos he’s Asian my mind makes him do something cool so he’s hanging onto the roof of the building by just his leg (his calf is on top of the building and he’s tensing his hamstring to keep this position) and can’t scramble up because he has no fingers to grip the roof. Hooded guy slices across his leg and Asian guy can’t hold on anymore so he falls. He dies while the ambulance is on the way as it’s taking ages to get there. Then there’s a partial rewind, Asian dude flies back up to the roof, and the roof scene starts back up again just before hooded guy slices Asian dudes leg and Asian dude falls off. He’s aware of this he’s like what just happened how am I here again but the scene plays out just as it just did but as soon as Asian dude falls off the ambulance arrives as it was still on it’s way, time keeps moving forward for the rest of the world. The rewind only happened to him and hooded guys and it’s was only the last 5 minutes. He survives as the ambulance gets to him before he dies, so the next episode of the show is going to be him finding out who hooded guys were and why they attacked. Something to do with the protest and the girl.

11b// 02 Aug 2020


Kevin hart was the main guy, he was living a normal life and working a normal job; somehow he gets into a “I’ll grant you one wish” scenario and wishes to be a big music label head honcho married to rich and famous singer, and makes his wish quite detailed as he wishes for the memories of that life and intelligence and knowledge and skill to be able to do his job so he can fully integrate into that life. Then he wakes up the next day in his new life and goes about living his dream life. At one point there’s a party at his house, lots of music-y people there but someone from his new life high school also rocks up with a photo album showing pics of when him and his mates attacked and tortured her in school at a weekend camp. He’s like get that shit out of here, it was years ago, move on, so she leaves the photo album behind a curtain and sets the curtain on fire. Then she jumps off the balcony killing herself. Cops come and everyone is like who is this girl does anyone know her, and Kevin hart stays quiet thinking this ain’t the life I wanted and now I’m rich and famous so I can’t go to prison; cops are doing their thing and one of the music goons finds some unburnt photos from the girls photo album and hits up Kevin hart about them, he’s like this was years ago, we were just kids, we didn’t do anything wrong, we were just messing around, so goon says I’ll help you hide this and the cops notice them being shifty af so the ask what’s going on; Kevin hart takes off to a bedroom and gets back in contact with the entity that granted his wish, says this isn’t what I wanted, you gave me this, I want my old life back but genie thing is having none of it; sorry bro you used your wish, you don’t have another one; so Kevin hart panics trying to think how can I get out of here cos he can hear the commotion outside with the cops, wife bursts in yelling, wtf did you do, imma divorce your ass and take everything you’ve got mthrfckr, I never loved you anyway, I’ve been cheating on you this whole time; Kevin hart realised dream life is shit and he’s fucked himself and has a heart attack. Dead.

2// 23 May 2020

So a couple of weeks ago I invented a riddle in my dream; last night in my dream I wrote a horror movie called “The Movie” about a family who get recruited to star in a movie, called “The Movie” and it’s supposed to be a reality type of film about family units working in the film industry, and they’re just being filmed living their normal life. There’s a mum, dad, and two girls under 12. There’s a scene in the movie where they’re eating dinner and drinking cranberry juice (apparently the latest Hollywood diet craze in my dream), and after the scene is filmed there’s a kerfuffle the producer goes up to the family to tell them “err there was a mix up and the cranberry juice was human blood, you’ve been drinking human blood”. So the family all freak out a little bit but continue on the with the movie. During the rest of filming some weird shit starts happening, typical ghost stuff, but also some brutal poltergeist attacks and violent visions afflict the mum and girls, real nightmare kinda stuff. Dad kinda disappeared. This goes on for a couple of weeks, they keep filming the whole time; all the attacks etc. then after 2 weeks dad reappears and the film crew tell the mum and girls that this has all been a social experiment about influence and they really actually did just drink cranberry juice, so the crazy shit that happened with the attacks etc. was all in their heads. Dad knew the whole time.