8// 20 July 2020

Another dream within a dream last night (why do I keep doing this?) The inside dream was me and Paul at a Reel Big Fish concert in the city, for some reason Adam stayed home (significant because there’s no way he’d miss a RBF concert), Jenn Kelberg was there too and she bought us shots which were very sweet. I got a bit of a thirst after that so went to the bar for more shots but they didn’t have anything decent so I went back to Paul and complained about Hoops not being open because of COVID. Later we find Daniel when it’s daytime and I tell them “I can get you home, I can fly and carry you” so I try but there’s power lines everywhere and I can’t get high enough. Then I assume I can go through the power lines because why would I have this ability if I can’t get high enough so I tell them we’re going through but I keep burning my hands so I give up and we decide to go by water. We get told we have to go under water and be careful of the underwater tornado, which you can only touch from the surface but it’s dangerous from the water. We find the tornado (which is always there it’s like a tourist attraction) and I lose Daniel and Paul when it passes over us. When I’m in the eye I can breathe and when it moves passed me I reach out to touch it and my hand passes through it like it’s made of nothing. Then I woke up (now in my level 1 dream). I look at my hands because they’re hurting and the back of my left hand is covered in a tattoo of a map of Melbourne CBD and there’s moving dots showing where I was the night before and Tasha Poesch too. There was a third girl but I don’t remember who that was. (Tash is a stronger personality lol). I can change the colour of the dots too by tapping on them, and I can make my dot a different colour to each of theirs, showing the path we each took in my dream. I look at my right hand and it’s covered in burns, from touching the power lines when I tried to fly and they manifested in “real life”. When I post about it on Facebook, Rochelle comments she had a dream about a concert too and calls it “our dream” thinking we dreamt about the same place. Later when I see her in person I’m trying to explain what happened but she gets dragged away. Adam tells me it’s just a dream, it’s no big deal and I’m like “look at my hands!” but he can’t see the scars or the images as they appear to me.

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