5// 16 June 2020

Tonight’s not as exciting; I was living in a shed that my boyfriend was forcing me to live in while he was at work during the day, I wasn’t allowed in the house while he wasn’t there. The shed wasn’t safe, it was kinda a home built man cave and somehow the fridge caught on fire and burnt it down. I left the boyfriend after this, I went and hid at my mums house and she got me a job at the bookshop she worked at. So I’m working there restocking books on tables and carts and I come across 2 books that are the next ones in a couple of series’s that I’m reading so I put them aside to buy them at the end of my shift. The boss finds them and cracks it saying paying customers are more important than paying staff because we need the customers to keep coming back, so she swaps out the books I put aside for candles. I find the candles and crack it and go looking for the books I wanted. They’re all sold out. So then boss lady tells me to go stack another cart and as I’m doing it she blames me for the glitter in one of the displays clumping and ruining the display. I told her it’s because the cart is rocking, turn it off then the glitter won’t clump. All of a sudden she because very nice because I fixed her glitter.

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