7// 16 July 2020

Tonight was dream within a dream again, I dreamt I was watching videos with someone I used to be friends with, we were watching videos of people’s reactions when they get rick rolled. I go “we’re watching videos of people watching videos”. Clever I know. When I wake up I try to post about it on Facebook but Adam cracks it at me because he’s loading the car when we’re away on holiday and I realize he’s stealing all the pot plants from the holiday house. I’m like wtf are you doing and he said “Greg (house owner and friend) said he’s sick of washing them all the time so I thought we could use them in the garden”. Then I realize as we drive off that he’s left a bunch on the road so I tell him to stop so I can return them to the house and the first one I pick up is covered in spiders so I drop it and end up kicking it down the road to the local market. I tell the stall people they can sell the plants but the money from the plants has to go to the local library. Then I walk up to the pub (Adam is still in the car waiting lol) and there’s people there talking about how they hate disco and I’m like “disco rocks!” and then say to them “you probably like rock yeah?” And the dude goes “yeah rock and even just normal radio music” so I ask him what’s the best rock station in Tasmania (turns out we’re in Tasmania) (also as I type this now wondering how tf we’re getting those pot plants back to Melbourne?🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂) anyway he tells me the name of the station but can’t remember the frequency. I said I’ll figure it out and walked off.

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