4// 02 June 2020

Last night I don’t remember much but I was a white Christian lady and I was helping a tribe called the Mohicans survive an attack from a tribe called the Tomahawks (seriously I have no imagination 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️) (and I should probably read up a little on Native American history) and some how I brought peace to them and the Tomahawks left the area. We were on a desert mountain and the Mohican chief told me in recognition of my help they would call the mountain “Christian Rock” and for short they would call it “Chris Rock”.

I think I astrally projected into a Karen last night.

3// 28 May 2020

Last night I popped into the 1700s, I was engaged to a man who I don’t know, he was the second brother of the family and the oldest brother hated me because us getting married meant we would get the inheritance when their father died instead of him as he was single (I don’t think that’s how it actually worked back then but you know, dreamland…) anyway so I was trying to plan my husband to be’s birthday party and we lived coastal so it was going to be down at the beach but the weather wasn’t playing nice for me to go get the fresh seafood, lots of storms and big waves, plus big bro was sabotaging me at every step because he wanted husband to be to break it off with me so he would get the inheritance. So I told big bro that if you had the guts to ask me to marry YOU, then you wouldn’t have had this problem. That shut him up. I don’t remember much else other than Australia in the 1700s was pretty shit and the clothes were really heavy and uncomfortable.

2// 23 May 2020

So a couple of weeks ago I invented a riddle in my dream; last night in my dream I wrote a horror movie called “The Movie” about a family who get recruited to star in a movie, called “The Movie” and it’s supposed to be a reality type of film about family units working in the film industry, and they’re just being filmed living their normal life. There’s a mum, dad, and two girls under 12. There’s a scene in the movie where they’re eating dinner and drinking cranberry juice (apparently the latest Hollywood diet craze in my dream), and after the scene is filmed there’s a kerfuffle the producer goes up to the family to tell them “err there was a mix up and the cranberry juice was human blood, you’ve been drinking human blood”. So the family all freak out a little bit but continue on the with the movie. During the rest of filming some weird shit starts happening, typical ghost stuff, but also some brutal poltergeist attacks and violent visions afflict the mum and girls, real nightmare kinda stuff. Dad kinda disappeared. This goes on for a couple of weeks, they keep filming the whole time; all the attacks etc. then after 2 weeks dad reappears and the film crew tell the mum and girls that this has all been a social experiment about influence and they really actually did just drink cranberry juice, so the crazy shit that happened with the attacks etc. was all in their heads. Dad knew the whole time.