3// 28 May 2020

Last night I popped into the 1700s, I was engaged to a man who I don’t know, he was the second brother of the family and the oldest brother hated me because us getting married meant we would get the inheritance when their father died instead of him as he was single (I don’t think that’s how it actually worked back then but you know, dreamland…) anyway so I was trying to plan my husband to be’s birthday party and we lived coastal so it was going to be down at the beach but the weather wasn’t playing nice for me to go get the fresh seafood, lots of storms and big waves, plus big bro was sabotaging me at every step because he wanted husband to be to break it off with me so he would get the inheritance. So I told big bro that if you had the guts to ask me to marry YOU, then you wouldn’t have had this problem. That shut him up. I don’t remember much else other than Australia in the 1700s was pretty shit and the clothes were really heavy and uncomfortable.

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