6// 24 June 2020

Last night I had to go into hospital for a procedure on my stomach. They tell you to make sure you take your own mask (cos of covid) so I’m freaking out the whole time cos you know when you go to sleep and one side of your nose always gets blocked so I’m thinking I’m going to suffocate while I’m under and they’re not going to notice; and the doctor was Chris Evans (Captain America) and when I get in there there’s 2 nurses, one young and one old, and old one injects Dr America with something and says ok let’s see how this goes; I ask her what was that and she says “it’s part of an experiment and the doctor has agreed to perform the operation while under a hallucinogenic” so I’m like “hang on, what?” And she goes “you’ll be fine he’s done some training for this and the nurse will be here too” so I’m starting to freak out a little and then the doctor injects the young nurse with something and I’m like “what was that one?” and old nurse goes “something different” so I’m like are you going to be sober for this and she’s like “yes but I’m not staying it’s just them 2” and fucking leaves! so I’m in theatre with a hallucinating doctor and a doped up nurse freaking out and also thinking I’m going to suffocate, trying to come up with ways of getting out of there so I’m thinking to myself “should I cough and freak them all out cos they will think I have covid?” then the doctor goes “ok let’s get out of here” and I’m like “what?” And he goes “I took a fake drug so they think I’m fucked up but I gave her (nurse) my drug and her’s so she can’t stop us” and he grabs my hand and we run out of theatre and I’m like “what tf is going on” and he goes “what they wanted to do was going to kill you and I’m not going to let that happen”, then we split up after he gives me directions to get out of the hospital by getting around by pretending to be a patient, and I can’t be seen with him because he’s supposed to be in theatre on drugs at that time; then I get lost in the hospital (as usual) and end up in a multi layer amphitheater (think Dante’s hell) and Alexander Skarsgård is there and I recognize him as the devil and he’s trying to sweet talk me into staying in the room going deeper down into the pit, as I’m keep trying to come up with ways of leaving the room. There’s people everywhere and there’s artwork and clothes for sale.

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